KANSHA -- appreciation -- is an expression of gratitude for nature's bounty and the efforts and ingenuity of those who transform those gifts into marvelous food. The spirit of kansha, deeply rooted in Japanese Buddhist philosophy, can be experienced and practiced by anyone, anywhere. Kansha encourages us to prepare nutritionally sound and aesthetically satisfying meals that avoid waste, conserve energy, and preserve and sustain our natural resources. This on-line culinary classroom was created to enable all who wish to practice kanshacooking.

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Autographed Bookplate Offer

Bookplates are peel-and-stick labels, colored to blend with the pale green end papers of KANSHA. If you would like an autographed bookplate, send your request to: info@tasteofculture.com

In the subject line write: KANSHA bookplate.

In the text of the message include: Your full name and complete postal address AS IT SHOULD APPEAR ON THE ENVELOPE used to mail you the bookplate. Include the country and any zip codes.

Provide the name of the person to whom the autograph should be inscribed, spelled EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD APPEAR IN THE INSCRIPTION. If you want only my autograph (no other inscription), indicate that.

I can fill requests for up to 3 bookplates, made out to different people but all sent in the same envelope to the same address. I will assume the cost of postage in mailing the labels to you.


The KANSHAworkshop page is an on-going exploration of the principles and practice of kansha (appreciation) in the kitchen and at table. Each lesson contains information regarding tools, techniques, ingredients, menu planning and presentation that were beyond the scope of my cookbook, KANSHA. On the KANSHAworkshop page you will find photo-illustrated sheets (in pdf format) you can download, print out, and take in to your own kitchen. I hope this workshop enables you to expand your culinary horizons.

Each time a new workshop page is posted, the previous one is archived. Those wanting access to previously posted material will need to register.

I would love to cook with each of you in my kitchen, or yours. But, for now, this site will be our place to enjoy KANSHAcooking together, in cyberspace. I invite everyone to try my lessons and exercises... and to practice kansha.

in appreciation (kansha shimasu),

Elizabeth Andoh

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