My cookbook, KANSHA: Celebrating Japan's Vegan & Vegetarian Traditions (Ten Speed Press, 2010) provides a solid foundation to the principles and practice of kansha in the kitchen and at table. This workshop page enables me to guide you further.  ENJOY!


Country Potatoes sato imo 


A familiar ingredient in many Asian cuisines, sato imo ("country potatoes," also known as taro potatoes) have been cultivated in Japan for thousands of years. These tubers most often find their way into stews and chowders. Here, I offer you a classic combination of sato imo potatoes with root vegetables and atsu agé (thick fried tōfu) called CHIKUZEN NI. It can be enjoyed piping hot, or cooled to room temperature. Serve family style, or divvy up into individual portions from the start.

The potato plant contains (toxic) calcium oxalate that must be treated before consumption. Detox methods include steaming, par-boiling, and/or soaking for at least 8 hours in an alum solution (yaki myōban sui). Instructions on how to to do this are included in this downloadable recipe.

Sato imo in the field (left)
and freshly dug up (above).
Earth still clinging, sato imo corms (potatoes) laid out on a broad sato imo leaf.

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